Patty Rogers, Fort Walton Beach

Ms. Nicole, was very professional, hard-working, trust-worthy, and very informative. She was an absolute delight to work with. I told her exactly what kind of home I was looking for, the areas I was interested in, as well as the price range. She kept me posted and up-to-date. She is truly knowledgeable and a people's person. I highly recommend Ms. Nicole for anyone looking for your next home or investment.

Victoria Smith, Fort Walton Beach

Nicole McGowan is one of the most talented, dynamic and hardworking women I have met since moving to this area! She goes above and beyond in every situation to get done what needs to be done. Having her in my corner has been one of the best experiences and I will definitely be continuing to look for her guidance in the future!

Terera Gastone Hawkins, Fort Walton Beach

Nicole is very personable. I have known her through several customer service businesses. She is knowledgeable, hard-working, and compassionate. She definitely knows the area as she has been here for many years. I encourage you to allow Nicole to show you the Hidden Treasures of the Emerald Coast. You're sure to be pleased.

Cynthia Nguyen, Niceville FL

Nicole couldn’t be a more knowledgeable person! She answers any questions I may have and efficient with time. She has been an awesome person to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more!!